Friday, 28 January 2011

Underpass Blues.

The humble road underpass is often a dark and somewhat dangerous place. It's often safer to brave crossing the road than enter these dingy tunnels. This one is close to where I live and harmless. I've never noticed druggies, hoods or other nefarious individuals loitering there. But then again, I almost never use it as I'm usually in a car driving over the top. I'm always attracted to these edge-of-the-world kind of places for some reason. They are almost a metaphor for change, a passing through or a sense of journey, from one place to another while actually going nowhere at all. To try and capture a sense of this I asked my youngest and her boyfriend to pose for me. Shot taken on a tripod at 1/2 second exposure to create the blur of movement. (Leica M9 35mm at f8)

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