Monday, 7 February 2011


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Towards the end of last summer, we visited the medieval city of Bruges. The Venice of the North they call it. The city centre is a maze of lanes that are used virtually only by pedestrians and cyclists. No graffiti or boorish behaviour to be found. A really delightful place. This shot is of the Belfry that sits at the centre of the city and was recently made famous in the film In Bruges. (well worth watching).

The original photograph taken here was pretty bland and didn't in any way evoke the warmth and character of the place. So I've had a little play in PS and this is closer, I feel, to its medieval  heritage.
Shot hand held using the Leica M9 and 35mm at f.8


  1. A very painterly treatment Peter. It suits the subject.


  2. Thanks Tony, and yes, I did have the Flemish Masters in mind with this treatment, trying to capture a little of that luminosity.