Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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This picture is probably my most popular, it's published in the One Exposure book and has just been published in the on-line exhibition that is Now, this online gallery is a nice idea but unfortunately any image published does not really promote the photographer, apart from simply mentioning their name. There are no links back to your own website for instance, so I'm not sure (from a photographers point of view) the point of exhibiting there. Even so it's worth visiting as there are some very good images on show. Interesting place, but is it worth actually submitting there? Hmmm, not sure. 

Picture taken using a Nikon D70 and 18-75mm zoom.    

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  1. I never almost never buy art (and i do regret it), but I had to get this wonderful photo of yours! I was watching it again the other day! so great!!!! A treasure to me : ))