Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Keswick Water

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Close to the English Lake District town of Keswick, these rowing boats ply their trade for the tourists all day and everyday. In the evening,they're pulled up onto the shingle ready for the next day's work. Here are two very different perspectives on a vantage point that has been photographed over the years by just about everyone. How to get another image that isn't the same as the kazillions of others out there? Well, it's not really possible I guess. These shots aren't particularly unique, they're just yet another variation on the theme. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the bottom shot has a different sky to the top one. The top one is the original and I dropped in a different sky on the bottom shot to give a more softer and hazy look to the image. On balance, I think the softer one gets my vote. Taken on a Nikon D70 and 18-75 lens with tripod.

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