Monday, 28 February 2011

Mean Streets

(click on the images for a larger view)

Finding interesting pictures on the street is difficult but can be very rewarding both from a pictorial and story point of view. With  no way of knowing who these strangers are, what their life aspirations or hopes and worries are, we have to gather clues.  If what we interpret from these clues is valid or not doesn't really matter. I think we all love 'people watching' and if I have a camera in my hand, then opportunities sometime arrive to capture a little of the everyday life that otherwise passes by in an instant and is lost. The fun is in the interpretation of the juxtaposition of people and their environment. 
These shots taken on the Nikon D70 except for the blurred man which was taken on film using the Leica. (The blurring was intentional and the window shot was a panned slow-exposure at  1/15 using the 18mm wide setting).



  1. I love the blurred head Peter. There's a touch of Francis Bacon about the shot.


  2. Yes, it's one of my favs, too. But Francis Bacon? Hmmm...