Monday, 14 February 2011

GigaPixel Panorama's

(photo by Jeff Starley)

Jeff Starley is a good friend and an accomplished advertising photographer who has branched out into the brave new world of gigapixel images. These (if you don't know already) are where any panorama can be zoomed deep into the image to see incredible detail.  This dramatic image of the Three Graces in Liverpool is a beautiful example. 

Images are made up of sometimes hundreds of individual pictures all stitched together seamlessly.  Have a look at this test panorama of Liverpool (which is a work in progress with unfortunately a few  missing image blanks) and also this interior 360 immersive shot of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral 

Lastly, you can view more of his work HERE and on one of them, you will also find myself standing and gazing into a field full of abandoned World War 2 aircraft. 

Jeff can be contacted via his website Jeff Starley Photography

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  1. oh waw i love his work! the way you feel standing in the place, except that we wouldn't see that much at the same time (talking of his panoramas here) ... Oh, I did not find you, I'm frustrated :P