Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ...

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

This apparently, is my year; the year of the Rabbit. Actually, I'm a metal rabbit if you can imagine such a creature! And these are apparently my particular traits, and, like all 'readings' they are general enough to apply to everyone. Do I believe it? Yup, it sounds like me!

The Metal Rabbit - crafty, rational, temperamental, sensitive and motivated by attention to detail.

Personality Traits:People born under the year of the Rabbit tend to be fortunately blessed, strong willed, hate disagreements, careful, unobtrusive, systematic and confident. The Rabbit is one of the most fortunate of all the Chinese star signs.  With their live and let live attitude toward life they don't often get into trouble and seldom make enemies.  Although they can often put themselves first due to their fondness for comfort, they are considerate, kind and thoughtful towards others. Rabbits are said to be elegant and kindly and the Rabbit is the symbol of long life.  They are said to draw their life energy from the moon. Although being graceful, kind and sensitive and leading tranquil lives, they do have a tendency towards being removed, indifferent and somewhat temperamental.  In business they do tend to be fortunate but this comes from being shrewd, crafty and hardnosed.  On the whole the Rabbit likes an easy, good time and gives sensible solid advice, although they do shy away from commitments. 


  1. this year is metallic year again.

    the rabbit face is a bit chubby but cute anyway.

  2. given the fact i'm a tiger, you should move your ass really fast my dear!

  3. Vegebud, chubby can = cute, absolutely!

    Candles, you won't see my fluffy tail for dust!

  4. Now those are such gorgeous chubby cheeks Peter! Gong Xi Fa Chai - may your special year be good to you!
    (and as I'm a Dragon, you have no reason to fear. A tiny cuddly little rabbit wouldn't even make a sweet bite ;)
    Cheers - and it's lovely seeing you and your work in this format. I hope to get myself equally technologically advanced sometime hopefully in this present year (maybe...)