Saturday, 19 February 2011

Toilet Break

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The English will brave any weather just to have a lovely summer's day out. I'd forgotten this loo-queue picture, taken a couple of years ago at an air show. Despite a sodden and muddy field, gale force winds and sub-zero temperatures, it was full of determined holiday thrill seekers. No one complained. Not even at the rip-off prices charged for a burnt cheeseburger with plastic cheese. These hardy folk trudged around dragging bored children who insisted they needed the loo every five minutes. Portaloos were provided, about half were out of order, naturally. Nobody jumped the never ending queues or moaned. Stoic, that's what the British are. Or perhaps just a little bit loopy. But at least we're polite ...

The two guys in the top picture were in a double decker bus watching the air display safe from the rain...
Both shots taken on a Nikon D70 & 18-75mm

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