Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This is our cat, taken a few years back. I have never once managed to get a really good picture of her. Like all cats, she doesn't do as she's told. Walks away, looks away, turns around - anything but look towards the camera I'm holding. It's worse than photographing kids. She's 21 this year, which is very old in cat years.  I must have another go soon, at least I have no hair left to lose ...

This is a little Silverfur monkey, photographed in the wild in Borneo using the Nikon D90 and 18-200mm. A lot easier than photographing domestic cats ...


  1. The monkey looks like posing! great photo! ... I have problems with photographing my kittens, very often they don't look like themselves on the photos I take! That's strange! The easiest for me is when they're sleeping :P

  2. Cats sleep all the time, so plenty of opportunity for you, eh?