Monday, 21 March 2011

Islamic Wedding

(click to view larger)

Yesterday, one of our friends son was married at Regents Park Mosque and afterwards we all enjoyed a Middle Eastern feast at a nearby restaurant. Many delicious mezze style dishes and an enthusiastic and happy atmosphere gave everyone a really enjoyable time. The infectious jollity of the Egyptian brides family and friends thorough the ceremonies was inspirational to the good atmosphere.  The bride is the top picture, exhibiting that beautiful characteristic of women from Egyptian decent, huge pools of darkly luminous eyes. 
Photographed using the Nikon D90 + 18-200mm all in available light.


  1. The bride looks waw having a strong personality, she looks gorgeous! I love the third pic too... 2 very different kind of beauties! : )))
    I really enjoy weddings when they are different from what we're used too (and I'm not talking about the food only!)... unfortunately, it seems nobody marry anymore around us! Amazing

  2. Yes, a little bit more lively than the usual boring English wedding! Great fun!