Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jane Russell RIP

A Hollywood sex goddess from the golden-age of movies, and a woman with a mind of her own. I remember my father being 'in love' with her. (according to my mother).

Best line: "I like the kind of man who can run faster than I can."
Worst line/lyric: "I like a man with big muscles and red corpuscles." 

Of the two images here, I much prefer the photograph of the sophisticated and impossibly stylish woman to the crude and lurid sexuality of the poster. But it was of its time I guess. Can't see this type of image being employed today ...


  1. Jane Russell, I think like Marilyn, Jane Mansfield, etc ... They can't die, they belong to the world, to all of us. Which is sad at the same time, I wonder how it's been for Jane Russell to get much older, when people only want one image of them. I think Lauren Bacall does it pretty well though.

    Anyway, that photo above... she represents so much sophistication! I couldn't tell her age... 30, 50? She could be both. She's so cold (to me) on it, so unreachable (but even on the poster above, the painted face is so hard, telling the opposite of what the body offers!).

  2. You know, I agree. She has a hard, very aggressive angular face. I admire her sophisticated image, but it's not particularly attractive to me.