Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Baby Boy!

(click image to view larger)

My youngest, Laura, last week had the scan to discover the sex of the new baby and it turns out it will be a he. So, it no longer is an 'it' and is provisionally called Jamie. Stuart, his father, was hoping for a boy as he's very sports orientated and is looking for the next Wooney I think, while Laura was kind of hoping for a girl to be all girlie with. But they're both happy as long as he's got all the right number of fingers and toes. 

After much cajoling and some threats, she allowed me to take some portraits of her albeit under much duress. The very last shot taken was the best as I finally caught her unaware wearing a natural smile. (The top one in black and white) Naturally she hates them all. Still, in years to come she will look back at this young woman and wonder how she could ever have thought of herself as anything but pretty.
Taken using natural light on the Leica + 35mm. 


  1. Congrats Peter, I assume lots of cute baby images will be taken by Granddad ! It is always great to get this stage down on 'film', she will love them in years to come

  2. the pictures are wonderful! She will love them in a few years, she'll wonder how such a miracle could happen to her own body and these photo will precisely remind her all the sensations of it! (and the baby looks so cute already! it's magic!)

  3. Good motion blur in that top shot, but I really like that black and white more contemplative shot. She looks lovely.

  4. Beautful pictures of which I know she will cherish in years to come.