Thursday, 31 March 2011

Saudi Air Force

Sifting through old photo's and found this one of me after a video shoot flying with the Saudi Air Force over Jeddah. I have very few pictures of myself as I'm always behind the camera, never in front. Taken about 1980 I'm guessing. No Health and Safety in those days! I remember placing my feet on the 'copters skids and just hanging out the door with the camera as I filmed. I think someone had hold of my belt, just in case, but that was it. Was I scared? Hell no, loved every second of it! I notice that those large 80's style aviator shades I was wearing are now back in fashion ... The second picture is 30 years later, and I'm not sure I know who this is.

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  1. Uncle, you lookes so handsome in the photo!!!!