Friday, 18 March 2011

Stick Insects and Real Women

My eldest likes watching America's next Top Moron. I mean, model. Gangly girls who look as if they might break a leg, an arm and several ribs if they sneezed. 

Compare them with this girl, Holly, a professional model based in Oxford who works for a number of talented photographers who, and in no small part down to her wonderful assets, get their pictures regularly published in And she's everything these so-called super-models aren't. She's not tall, she's not skinny and she hasn't got the classic face structure that Dior might like. What she does have, is a beautiful and natural body which is a photographers dream. Well, any man's dream for that matter!  

And another thing, the images the pro-photographers on the TV show produce are uniformly bland and predictable mush. Make-up and themes in stereotypical poses shot on high end digital Hasselblads' to produce over-lit plastic pictures. Watching Super Expensive Top Photographer Rankin re-create (badly) some classic glamour shots on the box had me rolling around laughing. He really hadn't a clue how to use lighting on the Jane Russell poster re-creation despite an army of sycophantic assistants. Rankin? Who do you think you are? David Bailey? Come back David, all is forgiven!

   (photo by David Bailey)


  1. I don't see the appeal of those matchstick girls at all - you'd never dare touch them in case they broke and they don't even look pretty - they're awkward and bony and unhealthy looking...

    Holly however, would look just as great climbing a tree as she would in a fancy black dress. I reckon that's important... trees look better from the top.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Pete. Yes, I can see the delectable Holly climbing that tree in a black dress!