Sunday, 24 April 2011

Big Boy's Toys.

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Day out to Didcot Railway Musium yesterday to see the newly restored steam engine, King Edward II actual under steam. This shot was very quickly grabbed just before the engine pulled away so I was lucky to catch the two drivers unposed and concentrating on their work. A few more shots from this excursion to come but not many good ones as there were far too many people - and every one of them had a camera or video! Anorak heaven for the train enthusiasts. I saw one couple and yes, it was the woman crawling under the bogies of a rotting hulled happily snapping pictures. Managed to get a few train rides up and down the little railway and the smell - no, wrong word, aroma - of the smoke and coal sent me back to the days as a young boy where I'd stand on a bridge as a steam engine roared and chuffed underneath enveloping me in smoke and steam. Lovely! 
Leica M9 + 35mm

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  1. Good catch of the two men—possible winner? Love trains. Had to travel x-country by train often, since my mother learned to fear flying during WWII in the Women's Army Air Core. The conductors were friendly and no full-body pat-downs or x-rays back then. Trains just seem romantic somehow, and I think you captured that in the b&w shot.