Thursday, 21 April 2011

Then & Now

Back in 2004 I had a little Fuji snapshot digital 2mp camera and I recently found a couple of images taken with it back then. How quality has improved! These images were found on an old Flickr account I had completely forgotten about. I can't now find the original files as several computers and clear-outs later have made them vanish!

However, the servers on Flickr have kept hold of these low-res ones for me. Unfortunately I didn't upload the full files wary of the thieving bastards that lurk there. The images aren't important and were never good enough to have been stolen anyway. I'm far more relaxed these days as theft is unavoidable but I still never allow full files to be seen on-line. But I am more careful about saving original files these days. So this clearly shows that on-line storage is a good back-up option - as long as you can protect the files from tea-leaves.

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