Friday, 27 May 2011

CGI, Toons, Images and Music.

I've been photo-free the last few days, moribund in the molasses of morose morbidity. OK, that's taking aliteracy as far as the literary cliff edge and kicking it over. No, just nothing has grabbed my attention strongly enough to press the shutter button. So I've been surfing instead. Have a look at these:   

A short film that is both dramatic, filmic and impressively artistic. Do watch it full screen in HD here.

And if that's too high-brow for you, here are some images Dave sent to me. I present to you...

               Miss Airport Security Calendar 2011 

And for our American cousins...

And here are some of my favourite images I've seen at this week.

photo Bart Peeters

photo Miguel Arriba

photo Julian Holtom

And lastly, a song and a little dance ...

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