Friday, 6 May 2011

F for Fake

In this digital world we can be persuaded to believe anything. And very often as a consequence, we believe nothing.

Orson Wells is a bit of a hero to me. He is often said to have lived his life in reverse. Finding acclaim for his genius with  his first major film, but never again achieving those moments of greatness. But he remained a genius in the visual arts - and in the spoken word. His voice was unique. Terrifying a huge part of America into a panic with his radio performance of War of The Worlds. He invented the direct to camera monologue, or blog if you like, with his unscripted diary sketches made for the BBC. In this one, he talks about the police and racial abuse, plus he muses on the police state, this was made in 1955 and is as relevant today as ever. His brief appearance in the Third Man film was immense. One of his films made a terrific impact on me, and yet it is a film he never made, it was more a tour de force in editing, compiling other pieces of film into a whole. Haven't seen it? You really should ... click on this link.

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