Friday, 20 May 2011

Footy, Beer & Girls

I first met Mike & Dave when Jeff took me along to a groovy cafe in the city centre that I can't remember the name of ... I do remember nice looking girls, good conversation and poor food. Living as I do in dull suburbia, I miss this busy city metropolis life.

Mike Parr

After wandering around the town, we ended up at the restaurant Matou on the river front. There was a private party going on for Liverpool football club where they had the ex-Liverpool manager Roy Evans and some of the players and fans enjoying some entertainment. The lads were known to the manager and so I tailed along as we were invited in. I kept shtum about being a Manchester United fan particularly as it was this very afternoon that Man U became Champions again and overtook Liverpool's title winning record ...
This is Bill ( I think) the owner of the restaurant and Roy Evans.

Roy Evans