Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Liverpool One

Liverpool One is the largest open air shopping centre in the UK and 10th largest in the world apparently. Spread over 170,000m2, it’s big. I can’t see the attraction in these things myself, but on the other hand it is filled by people and as I’m an inveterate people watcher, it’s interesting how they interact with the place.
Wandering around in the company of Jeff and his two mates, Dave and Mike, I’d forgotten how much fun it is being in the company of fellow photographers. We all look around for those interesting scenes to capture. So after listening to the Samba band and once I’d recovered some sense of hearing, we took in the atmosphere of this retail paradise, the modern architecture and more interestingly (at least to me), the people. I spotted three teens sitting on the steps, two were playing tonsil tennis while the third looked very bored. The little Leica proving its worth once again by being almost invisible as I quickly grabbed a shot. 

After admiring some modern art I was shown the strange glass dome over the car park stairwell where people were walking and peering down into the depths. We all went down and took a few shots looking back up. I placed the camera on the floor and allowed the self timer to take the shot. The graphic result is strangely calming. On one shot I was pleased to see what appeared to be Spiderman on the glass!

Soon we moved away and wandered through the old part of town where the grime of the industrial revolution is slowly being cleaned away. Bright brickwork looks odd to my eyes accustomed as they are to the black soot covered city I once knew. It’s been 35 years since I’ve visited Liverpool and a lot has changed. What won’t change is the majesty of the 19th century architecture, imposing itself on the city as strongly as it ever did. 

The modern shopping malls and office/apartments will not have the same lifespan or be anywhere near as endearing or uplifting to the soul. Have a look at this impressive shot taken by Jeff to illustrate what I mean.

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