Monday, 16 May 2011


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Spent the weekend (after getting a visa to visit the Northern Territories) in Liverpool and met up with me old mate Jeff who I've known since photo college way back in the previous century. We foolishly went out at 3.30am in search of a picture and found ourselves at the River Mersey's  estuary and supposedly photogenic lighthouse. But even at that God-forsaken time, we were not alone ... Two other idiot photographers were already there, standing annoyingly in-shot with their tripods and cameras. In addition, the wind was howling and blowing over our suddenly rather too light-weight carbon fibre tripods and driving sand into every crevice of our equipment and person. Then it started raining ...

In the city itself, things were altogether more calm apart from a noisy Samba Band shown above. Who needs amplification when you've got 30 odd bloody big drums you are pounding the living daylights out of! More shots of the days visit tomorrow ...
Leica M9 + 35mm or 90mm

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