Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tired Eyes (mine)

Two versions, which one, hmmm... in the end I think I have to go for the top one, more natural compared to the moonlight vampire look of the other one ...

The first image I processed of this shot I felt had a little something in her 'look' that intrigued me. A "don't mess with me if you know what's good for you", combined with a hint of vulnerability kind of look which I don't think came over as strongly as it might. 
So I've re-processed the image. This is much harder than the somewhat bland original. It should provoke either a hate it or love it reaction which is what I want. Right now, I like it, but I suspect that probably I'll hate it in the morning ... That's how it goes more often than not. I've spent some hours working this up to a style that's interesting to me, I'm sort of happy with it, but perhaps it's over the top. So I've found leaving it for a day or three gives a required distance, and then with fresh eyes, see how it looks. So, showing for a limited period. The original shot for comparison is below.

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