Sunday, 19 June 2011

Baby Shower

My youngest, who is due to give birth in six weeks (six weeks!!!) enjoyed a baby shower day. I have to admit that my thoughts when first told about this event, was of dozens of naked young girls crammed into a shower cubical. But then it was carefully explained to me (along with a swift punch in the chest that removed my contemplative smile) that this is where she is showered with baby-gifts. An American idea I believe. So, off she went in the morning and had a full body massage courtesy of her friends and came back to find a house full of more friends and family, rooms not only decorated with balloons but groaning with food. Everyone had a great time and rather boringly there were no fights and no tears. You really cannot believe how much noise twenty odd young women can make. I and the few brave men they couldn't get rid off entirely, hid in another room quaffing beer and let them get on with it. I was briefly dragged back to take some pictures and then  told off for taking too many. A photographers lot, much like the proverbial policeman, is not always a happy one. But all in all, not a bad day!

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