Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bad Light

Here are two examples of bad light and both were taken on the same day. The top picture is really dull, isn't it? The second shot isn't much better either. The first one was taken at dawn and the second at mid-day. In both shots the light is flat and hence a tad dull. The weather forecast the night before was for a very hot day with early morning mist. Ah ha, I thought, a creative light-bulb going off in my head. This just might be a good opportunity to get to a well known beauty spot overlooking the River Wye and catch the dawn sunlight turn the river mist into etherial light. 

So, fired with hopeful enthusiasm we set off not exactly bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 2.30 am to reach the spot in good time before dawn broke at 3.56am. Symonds Yat is a spectacular view point. Well, usually. As the sky brightened, so my hopes faded. There was some mist, but a heavy overcast sky meant the Sun wasn't going to come out and play. Later that day it burned mockingly from a clear blue sky into my weary eyes. The countryside of Gloucestershire is lovely and in this spot, the Rococo Garden, it's particularly beautiful. However, none of the pictures of the garden were of any use whatsoever due to the overpowering glare of the mid-day Sun. A combination of too much Sun on the one hand, and no Sun at all on the other, ruining my photographic day. Sometimes you just can't win!       

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