Monday, 13 June 2011

Primary Point

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There are some wonderful landscape photographers out there in this big wide world. I'm not one of them, but I'd rather like to be. I like the thought of tramping over wild and wooly places, meeting wild and wooly animals and even woolier people. Camping out with nothing but a hot thermos and a stale sandwich for sustenance as I wait for that illusive break in the clouds that will bring that one, fleeting moment of nature's magnificent glory that I can then capture. 

In reality, I pass many a glorious place at the wrong time, when I'm in a hurry, haven't got my camera or just not in the mood to appreciate God's efforts. Hence all my landscapes are simply nothing more than snapshots. This one was taken one sunny afternoon while walking along the sea front at St Annes on Sea in Northern England. I've boosted the colours to silly levels to get that poster-paint saturation that the primary colours felt like to me at the time, knocking my eyes out. Fun, but hardly subtle. But that's the point - the English seaside is anything but subtle!  
Nikon D70.

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