Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Empty Chair

It wasn't until after I'd taken this shot that I noticed the sunlight 'shadow' aiming or pointing towards the empty chair. The tired old gent sitting staring at this empty space suggests all sorts of things that almost certainly aren't relevant to this persons actual life. But it's an odd juxtaposition that's visually interesting and makes me imagine he's thinking perhaps of someone who isn't there or in his life any more.

The original image is pretty flat and suffering from a little flare while the first edit (2nd image down) didn't recognise the importance of the main subject or draw enough attention to the inverted 'v' of the light-shadow pointing seemingly to the empty chair. So a harder crop (top image) followed along with some detail enhancements to the darker areas made the image more three dimensional and increased both its message and impact. 
Leica M9 + 90mm


  1. Who is the men? your father?

  2. No, my father died back in 1975. I'm afraid I don't know who the man is, he just wandered into shot and sat down.