Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fishy Business

(Photo by Geir Jartveit)

The Heron is a damned big hungry bird that has been using my fish pond for his breakfast table. I've lost all my big fish and about 70% of all my fish have gone, just 40 odd small fish remain. They used to feed from my hand but now the survivors dive for safety instead. Basically, they're traumatised. So much for the theory that fish have 10 second memories! As a last ditch deterrent, I've erected a kind of 'force-field' above the pond. This is just a maypole with fishing wire strung around the pond at a meter spacing. As the Heron has about a meter and a half wingspan I'm hoping this scares him off. I haven't seen the blighter for a few weeks now, I'm hoping it's working but he's a clever and quick sighted bird. Unlike every other bird, as soon as he sees movement inside the house, he's gone. Often I catch just a glimpse of wing as he takes to the air. 

So in the hope I've seen Mr Heron off, I've bought four Koi Carp to help re-stock. Koi are expensive and even these small ones, just 6-7 inches, cost £7.50 each. And that's after a discount! Perhaps all I've done is put up a sign saying the Cafe is open, new delicacies on offer, and leave a menu for Mr Heron. 

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