Monday, 27 June 2011


This is an area just off the cloisters in Gloucester Cathedral called The Monk's Lavatory and shows the shared wash basin running the length of the hall. The Cathedral has been around for approximately 1300 years but is perhaps now more famous, especially for the young, because it was used in the Harry Potter films. It doesn't really matter because anyone, young or old, coming inside such an impressive building has to be awed. Awesome! A popular phrase perhaps for once correctly used here and if it takes Harry to entice them in, great! 

I particularly enjoyed the spooky crypt where our guide relished explaining that the area where we stood had been used for all dying monks. Fellow monks would chant and pray gathered around the soon to be deceased. How many souls were watching with us in that cold gloom?  Over 1400 years, many thousands ... Did I feel a shiver? No, only from the cold stone walls.

To get this shot I placed the Leica with 35mm on the trough ridge and allowed the self-timer to take the picture. 

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