Friday, 3 June 2011

Shoe Box Gems

Rummaging around in dusty old shoeboxes full of pictures is fun. With pictures on computer there is not the same sense of discovery, of touching something that is actually aged with the passage of time. That sense will be denied the new generation. A pity, but I suppose nostalgia isn't what it used to be ...

Yesterday was gloriously warm and 'summer' like. I was driving along, the window down and the wind in what's left of my hair when the Beatles song, All You Need Is Love began playing on the radio. Instantly I could smell the same warm air of that lost summer when I first heard this. More than that, I once again could sense, feel within me, that optimism and joy of anticipation in a future that might be changed with love. An old hippy never dies, eh?

Anyway, these are some pictures from that shoebox of my adventures driving in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and a sponsored rally drive of a group of identical Golf Gti's through Europe, starting at Athens and finishing in London. I'm the guy fourth from the left.

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