Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Social Divide

(Leica M9 + 35mm click to view larger)

This shot, taken during the recent royal wedding, reminded me of an old picture taken in the thirties. That shot showed a group of Eton or Harrow public schoolboys being taunted by smirking, ruffian lower-class type persons. These rich boys, all dressed in their finery, their upper-class dignity being stoically upheld in the face of such impudence, is hilarious. And I might add, a devastating commentary on the social divide. Today, the divide between rich and poor is, if anything, even greater. Times haven't changed all that much ...

And now for something completely different...

A new camera that is able to snap any scene without focusing first. Afterwards, you can simply choose the point of sharp focus as you like. It's all black-magic to me, but apparently coming to a store near you soon ... Try the sample images, read about it here 

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