Friday, 1 July 2011

Blackbushe Cafe

The Blackbushe Cafe (no mistake, there is an 'e' on the end) sits inside the small airport of Blackbushe. It's a little hidden jem and I often pop in for a coffee when I'm out and about, taking the chance to watch some of the small aircraft moving about from the terrace right alongside the taxiway. Ok, you have to like planes I guess, but I'm a long frustrated pilot of old, so I do. I've flown micro-lights and had some lessons in them but finances and time have never come together to give me a license. So instead I sit, watch and dream as real pilots at the next table discuss their route to France. 

This young lady is from Poland and she has taken over what was a  fairly run down place and turned it into a thriving business. I particularly like the colour shot as it shows off one of the best aspects of the Leica's abilities and that's to create a lovely three dimensional feel to any shot. The background has a beautiful 'bokeh' from the 35mm lens which is elemental Leica. Taken wide open at f2. Click on the images to enlarge.

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