Sunday, 24 July 2011

Celebration Lunch

We took Chris & Amanda to the London Hong Kong restaurant on Saturday for a little feast to celebrate their engagement. She's already hunting for a dress and examining places suitable for the wedding next July, (provisional). Very busy and organised! For the meal, eight of us just about fitted around a large circular table. Laura was due to give birth the day before and was consequently a little uncomfortable and fed up. If the baby doesn't arrive before the 3rd August, she will be induced. Certainly no sign of imminent arrival yet. 

The meal was delicious even if the portions were a little small for my taste and the service, in typical Chinese restaurant style, inattentive. (But not downright rude as they are in London's Chinatown). Dim sum, lobster, pork, beef and chicken. Yumm. And, as usual, as soon as I take my camera out, Amanda refuses to pose. Hence the scowl. Unless she's cuddling Chris that is! At least little Zak couldn't care less about a camera, especially  when there is ice-cream to be had ... Shots taken with a little Canon point & shoot.

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