Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hey Nineteen!

So this young girl is on work experience and I'm showing her stuff. I don't think she wants to be where she is. Conversation is impossible as she's not 'there'. Her face brightens only when her gaze follows a young man passing by. Sitting next to her I barely register on her consciousness. Small jokes fly over her head unheard. I start talking about irrelevant things and she doesn't spot I'm talking nonsense. It's a hard life being nineteen. I can tell you it's also hard being utterly invisible to a pretty young girl but, thankfully, she had the personality of a sick goldfish. You know, pretty and colourful but with blank eyes and floating around aimlessly with a memory span of ten seconds. All of which reminded me of one of my favourite bands, Steely Dan. Cool, sophisticated sax and relaxed guitar work, great lyrics. Hey nineteen, she don't remember Aretha Franklin! 

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