Monday, 4 July 2011

Home Alone

A little coincidently there was an article in todays newspaper about dogs left home alone. I say coincidently because a couple of weeks ago I took a picture of two dogs I titled Home Alone. They weren't actually home alone when I took their pictures, but they gave that impression when I first saw them, locked behind the front door, peering out of the glass and barking like crazy at strangers like me. 

Anyway,  according to the article, dogs suffer from separation stress. And while alone they will often tear up the furniture until the owner returns. Then they get scolded because of the mess but have no clue as to why they are being shouted at. This is because they don't (apparently) have a memory that looks back and forwards in time. They live in the moment. Wouldn't that be kind of cool for us humans? No guilt, no worry for the future, just live life as it happens. You couldn't be unhappy for very long because you will rapidly forget what made you unhappy in the first place.  On the other hand, as you wouldn't have anything particular to look forward to, then that delicious anticipation of something good happening, is lost. So on balance, I think that I'll put up with the bad memories so that I can still savour the anticipation of say, a cold beer. I'm easily pleased. Woof!

The shot I'm taking about is the one below, and it was chosen to be published by the fine art photo site just over a week ago and in that short time, has attracted over 30,0000 views. Which is astonishing to me. I mean, this blog has been seen barely 2800 times and has been visible since Noah built the Ark. (Both statements patently untrue but you get my drift). I guess cute doggies or animals = mass appeal. (Note to self, 'Shoot more beavers')


  1. well done for the photo! they actually look very human to me.. And you know it's a photo with cute doggies, right, but carrying emotions, a story behind. They're not just cute. Really good job to me.