Thursday, 21 July 2011

No Identifiable Faces!

I've been given this link by Jeff which is about a Slovenian Virtual Reality Panoramic photographer that has been told he can't publish any of his shots taken in public places unless he blurs out the faces of everyone in the shot. (aka google street view) Under pain of a fine or imprisonment! One more example of overzealous ludicrous officialdom. I posted this in the 1x forum expecting an outraged response from fellow photographers but all I got was, "ho, hum we've been here before ..." 

It seems official curtailment of a photographer actually photographing anything in public is so widespread they now have 'forum fatigue' about the subject.  View the thread posted by the photographer concerned, here. 

Take this attitude to its logical conclusion and you can imagine a picture of the crowd of people gathered around the Presidents inaugural speech, and each face in the crowd would be a blank mask. Actually, that might be a good image of power manipulation of the masses ... Now that would be banned and the rule reversed!

Watch this fascinating video, "Stand Your Ground" which follows a number of photographers shooting in London on public ground. The security guards are clueless and infuriating, but at least the police have an understanding. I find it really difficult to maintain a calm disposition towards idiot security people.



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