Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jamie's Birth

(Click on any picture to view larger)

Jamie came into the world at 3.39pm 30/07/2001 weighing 8 lds 4ox or 3.75 kilos, in a natural birth without epidural. 

We arrived about ten minutes before the actual birth and sat in the waiting room a short distance away from the birthing room. There was a slight initial emergency immediately after birth as his breathing was blocked and he became a little blue before his airways were cleared. (Listening to the emergency alarms was worrying) These pictures were taken about an hour later and you can see his hands and feet are still a little blue but he's fine and happy, very calm and curious. When I held him (gingerly!) his eyes were fixed on mine in a surprisingly keen and aware fashion for a one-hour-old baby! And what a beautiful baby he is. (even though I'm biased) 

The pictures were taken in natural light in a very dimly lit room to protect the babies eyes so photography was difficult and it looks a lot brighter in these pictures than the room felt. At writing, mother and baby are still in hospital but will probably be discharged today.

(Leica M9 + 35mm (800asa f.2.8 at around 25th sec)



  1. Congratulations to parents, Jamie, and proud g-pa! Beautiful photos and lighting (of course)! And precious tiny baby, Peter!

  2. ohh waw i'm so happy for you all! The photos tell everything, thank you for sharing these precious moments! Jamie is the most adorable lil one! ** happy sigh **