Friday, 15 July 2011


(Photo by Marc Adamus)

In this digital photographic age, it appears that only the most spectacular landscapes achieve popularity. I suspect this might be because viewing images on monitors favours vivid impact-high images over the subtle.  The same images viewed via a framed print might not receive the same adulation. Landscapes need contemplative time to appreciate the not so obvious visual subtitles. Viewing time on-line is limited to seconds ... If the thumbnail doesn't excite, it doesn't get clicked upon to be viewed. 

This often leads to less experienced photographers boosting the saturation or using HDR techniques that produce unrealistic but vivid images that astound the uninitiated. These resulting images get inundated with fav reviews and 'awesome' comments leading to more and more, well, garbage. As a photographer I suppose I assess an image differently because I understand better the various capturing and processing techniques. The move away from viewing images as prints, to viewing on-screen, is therefor having a substantial impact on general taste. 

Marc Adamus is a talented photographer who travels to the wildest parts of the world and captures astonishing landscapes. He processes them for high impact but doesn't go so far as to be unrealistic. He achieves a good balance of superb technical accomplishment and visual impact that will work well in both mediums. No easy task. How wonderful it must be to spend your time searching out such wonderful landscapes. Where I live, the Surrey hills just don't have the required grandeur! 

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