Saturday, 2 July 2011


The small market town of Ledury in the county of Herefordshire, is a place I spent a few years working back in the mid-seventies. The second picture is of a little old street that is much used in films for period dramas. But all there was for entertainment in the evening was drinking in the many pubs and entertaining the local girls. I don't think that has changed in the intervening years. And entertain and drink I did. It wasn't unusual to down seven to ten pints per evening. And then one for the road. How we didn't kill ourselves or anyone else driving home is anyones guess. The pubs would close and lock the doors and the drinking would continue for the 'guests'. Never any fights or rowdiness, just good humour and good times. The pubs are still there and unchanged even in the decor. The countryside is magnificent! The top picture is a view from the Malvern Hills. From one side you look into England and to the other, towards Wales. In Malvern they still build the ancient and decrepit fossil, the Morgan sports car. By hand. With a wooden chassis. For people with lots of money ...

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