Friday, 1 July 2011


I was going to talk about the portraits of Grace Jones, but then I was reminded of how something so suggestive can be packaged so innocently that most don't notice. 

Yup, we've all been guilty of it. When it comes to music, it wasn't until much later in life that I paid really that much attention to the lyrics of a song. Well, apart from the obvious classics, but bubble-gum pops songs, no. For instance I ignored Abba nearly my whole life, but listening to some of their songs now, I realise I've done them a huge injustice as some of the lyrics are in fact particularly good. But I digress. Back in 1982 I made a promotional video for a car dealership overseas when a popular song at the time was Grace Jone's 'Pull Up To The Bumper'. It wasn't until many years later that the penny finally dropped on me that the song and lyrics had a sexual sub-text that was, and is, outrageously sexualised. I'm blushing even now ...

There are many songs out there that appear perfectly safe, but have a secret message. One song alluded to masturbation because, missing his Japanese girlfriend, the act tended to make his eyes screw up into slits so that he thought he was turning Japanese ... Allegedly.

But that was then, when folks had to be more discreet. Now, the sexualization of songs is so blatant no one can fail to miss. In fact, your average gangster-rap video is all but pornographic. Not only in the explicitness of the images but also in the appalling misogyny that's sadly proudly displayed.

At least this last song has a good deal of humour going for it in the lyrics!

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