Monday, 11 July 2011

Self Portrait

No, this isn't me in drag, honest!

I'm sitting in a boring shopping centre when this woman opposite me decides to take her own portrait. Placing her little digi-cam on the armrest opposite, she smiles, the camera clicks, and it's done. It was over so quickly I missed it because I didn't have my own camera ready. How many shots have I missed because my camera is in its bag?

I walked over and asked her if she would do it again so that I could take her picture. She looked at me weirdly as I kinda expected, but then I discovered that she was Spanish and didn't understand me. Now, the only Spanish I know is 'thanks' but despite this she quickly understood what I was asking and happily posed for me without demanding a criminal records check, why, for what, who are you, etc, etc. She single handedly restored my belief in human kind!
Leica M9 + 35mm at f2.

1 comment:

  1. I love that photo! yes for the pic itself, that woman and her lil smile photographing herself, knowing you're photographing her. She, accepting to be photographed! yeah I love that photo!