Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Surrey Scholar

This scene amused me in Guildford high street last weekend. Behind this rather stern and serious man sitting on the bench, stands a famous statue linked I believe to the local Royal Grammar School and Surrey University. Overnight, someone, probably students, decided to place a traffic cone on the head of 'The Guildford Scholar' statue. I get the feeling it happens rather often and the officials are wearying of the joke and of removing them. I suppose someone will take the cone down one day ... As to the gentleman sternly watching me take this photo, not a word was said. I actually stood in front of him for quite some time, waiting for people to clear away from the foreground so the shot wasn't so cluttered. He just sat there as if he was posing, waiting for me to shoot. Sitting where he is adds to the overall symmetry of the shot. I think he contributes a lot to what would be otherwise a dull picture. Thank you strange unknown man!
Leica M9 + 35mm

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