Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cap'n America

Chris, my eldest's fiance, has his name up on the big screen on the credits for the new film Captain America. Pretty damned good for a guy not long in the profession! He deals with motion and something called matchmover in the digital effects world. He did try and explain it once but my brain exploded. 

They were both invited to a special premier showing in London before the film's general release. Chris works in the depths of London's Soho film district locked away in some dark room with nothing but donuts and computers. The last time he came out during the day we had to explain what that big orange thing in the sky was. As to the film itself, they say it's a good actioner, but really, I'm deeply suspicious of such a film even if it is laden with political (unintentioned?) irony. It might surprise me, but at the moment it doesn't seem to appeal to me on any level that I can find to justify paying to actually see it, apart from the fact Chris has a hand in it. 

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