Saturday, 13 August 2011

Encroachment ...

How can a small creature like a new baby take over a whole house? I had my feet up the other day minding my own business when, there on the coffee table smiling back at me, was yet another cuddly toy. I don't know about you, but just like clown faces, I find the fixed grins of these toys a little sinister. Do they migrate when I'm not looking? Are they exploring? I'm not sure, but they seem to be everywhere. I think I will have to beat a retreat to the shed at the bottom of the garden. 

Having said that, the shed holds its own horrors. Last night I was called upon to exercise my manly duty and tackle the biggest house spider I've ever seen. Spiders make me shudder and scream like a girl. Nevertheless, as the other members of our family, (including a six foot muscled young man of 23) were all screaming harder than I was, I captured the beast.  Actually I'm ashamed to say I squashed it beneath a shoe ... The damned thing was going for me I tell you! Usually I protect the horrid things and set them free, but this beast (if it had a hood) looked as if it could join the riots ...

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  1. (I am not sure I validated my comment with the code word so I do it again, ok? :P) I had to show your post AND photo to all the girls in the family (the hysteric gang)... and I was quite happy of the effect of your photo! lol... I don't fear spiders, but I gotta say that this one... brrrr... yeah, size does matter!