Saturday, 13 August 2011

Self Portrait

I think most photographers enjoy inflicting the pain of being photographed on others but not themselves. I'm no different. Maybe if I looked like Robert Redford in his prime, I'd think differently but I doubt it. As the camera man I tend to hide behind the camera. Looking through a viewfinder insulates you from the real world to some degree. It gives you a frame in which to put the world; a world where you can become a mere spectator. Some cameramen have even lost their lives in dangerous parts due to this phenomenon. One film cameraman was shooting the test-drop of the bouncing damn-busting bomb. Fantastic footage, but when he looked up, only then did he realise the bomb bouncing towards him came to rest and sank mere feet away from his camera ... Anyway, all that is to say this shot is fine by me as a self-portrait, and that's because I'm virtually unrecognisable. It's a shot of my reflection in the computer screen. No photoshop trickery, just as it came out of the camera.  

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