Thursday, 29 September 2011

Far East, man ...

Tomorrow, Friday and at 2.45pm it's on to the big silver bird in cattle class courtesy of Etihad Airways featuring a two and half hour stop over in Abu Dhabi before onward to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, arriving at 2pm local time on Saturday. They are seven hours ahead of the UK.

A couple of days in KL to acclimatise and on Tuesday climb aboard a train to Melaka where we stay two nights. Then back on the train Thursday down to Johor Bharu on the border with Singapore. Staying here saves a whole heep of money compared to Singapore! It's a bit of a ruff and tumble town compared to antiseptic Singapore, something like Tijuana on the Mexican border with the USA but with curry and rice.

Sunday on the train again to Kuala Lumpur for an overnight stop prior to an early morning Air Asia cheapo Monday flight to Cambodia and Siem Reap and an overdose of ruins, returning to KL on the Friday. Then it's overland up to Bangkok and the River Kwai with Mike and myself on the 15th returning on the 18th. Two days rest and back to London on the 21, arriving home on the 22nd. Hopefully.

I'll try my best and keep this blog posted with news and photo's.

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