Sunday, 25 September 2011

London Life 3

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At The Tower of London just outside the tube, I met Cynthia, an accredited London guide complete with her rolled umbrella. Qualified the last twelve years she has been doing these guides full time only for the last two.  I nearly didn't get to speak with here as a wave of German tourists swept past and nearly took me with them. Very open and friendly, any tourists under her umbrella should be fine. The two love-crossed teens on the tube platform I didn't dare interrupt ... But the young lady with the mournful expression and bloody eyes was utterly delightful. My auto-fil screwed up the spelling of her name, so it's lost but nevertheless, posing in front of a real ambulance was perfect! Two months into the job of promoting The London Experience and she was having a ball. Her colleague along the way wasn't. Ben has been doing this for two years and feels every one of those years. You could say he's grown into his persona ... Still a nice bloke though, sp say hello (if you dare) to him and try and cheer him up should you go down to this grizzly place.

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