Sunday, 25 September 2011

London Life Part 1

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Yesterday I went into London to pick up the Leica after waiting five weeks! I was bereft. But in the meantime I had taken another lover, the iTouch. A crappy little 0.7mp image but brilliant convenience. I decided to snap interesting people as I went along. It's surprisingly tough walking up to a complete stranger and asking to take their picture. If I thought about it for more then a second, I didn't do it. So instead, immediately someone captured my interest, I walked straight up and said hello. In about 50% of cases, they were happy to have their picture taken, and even to chat a little while. The iTouch allowed me to take down instant notes - but its auto-fill featured screwed up some of the names ... I might use the audio memo function in future. 

So first up, top left, were these two beautiful Romanian students. On the left is Veronica, 18 and on a economics scholarship, and to her right is her friend Mohawk, 21,(what wonderful eyes!) studying at Royal Holloway in Bio-medics hoping to go into dentistry. Both speak several languages and have ambitious plans once they graduate to help their families and country. Wonderful girls. 

On Waterloo bridge I met John from LSE making a film, then I said hello to Brendon enjoy the warm sunshine and his paper, and lastly just a snap of a harassed looking man having a street-side coffee. 

I have a dozen or so more shots to upload later ... But so far I rather like the vivid and gritty feel to this little camera.

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