Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Plane Lunch

Where I have lunch very much depends on where I am during my travels. Today I'm at Blackbushe airfield and that's the view I have from the car. I could go inside the small cafe but sitting alone in a busy cafe is a bit sad sometimes and here at least I can listen to my music. And I enjoyed my Greek salad. Pity it's not in the sunshine of Greece instead of this threatening and gloomy overcast day. Winter is knocking at the door it seems.

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  1. Did you turn off comments to that splendid shot of the eight-week-old baby? Beautiful! (I tried to comment using two browsers, but still could be user error.)
    And the subscription by email works a treat! Thanks!

  2. No, but all comments are moderated and that depends when I get in to check. Glad you liked the shot! And thanks for the tip on email notification!