Sunday, 23 October 2011

World Food, Local Hunger

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After a journey of about sixteen hours I am still a little punch drunk. Landed with a glorious sunrise over London, the red hues reflecting beautifully off the aircrafts wing. Below, London's buildings glittered and sparkled as they caught and reflected the light. Yesterday I woke up not knowing where I was, very weird! And my cold worsened and is now happily sitting on my chest. And it's back to work tomorrow ... 

But I've started reviewing the pictures, around 1000 of them in total. I reckon that if I get half a dozen worthwhile shots I'll be happy, they're  only holiday snaps after all. The first one I'll show you is from Cambodia, of a teenage mother begging for food while behind her is a western restaurant offering all the worlds food. Cruelly ironic I thought. She was standing so close to me she was resting her hand on my forearm. Taken with a Nikon 16mm fish-eye lens on the Leica M9.

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  1. So, this made it to 1x! Just as I decided to check if any of your trip pics had made it (I felt sure you'd submitted, somehow), this was there. I'm sure you'll feel pleased.