Saturday, 1 October 2011

Nicobar Islands

After a few hours sleep at 5am UK (mid-day local time) we are having breakfast over the Nicobar Islands north of Sumatra. Small perfect tropical islands that look uninhabited sitting on the underwater ridge that caused the tsunami in 2004.

Dawn came at about 1am as we flew eastwards into the sun, just as I needed to sleep. Numb bum and dead leg syndrome ensued after an uncomfortable few grabbed zzzzz's, one more hour of this cramped environment to endure... Been flying now for 14 hours.

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  1. Hi Pete sorry to hear about your cat going to rainbow bridge we have three cats and they are my surrogate children lol enjoy KL my brother is a writer and lives there I am hoping to get out to KL in May and then out to Langkawi.I Love Thailand have been three times and its just such a vibrant place.enjoy ure trip!!!